• Dentistry Cat

    Feline Dentistry and Oral Pain

    Feb 22 2014

    Our little feline companions are very stoic creatures and oral pain from dental problems is often overlooked by cat owners.  Even with rotten teeth and serious dental disease, some cats…

  • Dach Dental

    Dental and Oral Emergencies

    Feb 08 2014

    True dental emergencies in the dog and cat can range from oral trauma to drooling. Your pet should be seen right away in the following situations: 1. Oral trauma (facial…

  • Dentistry

    Anesthesia and Dental Procedures

    Jan 29 2014

    A common concern for clients when considering whether to have a dental cleaning or tooth extractions on their pets is the risk of anesthesia.  Many of these pets are older…

  • Cat Dental

    Dental Radiographs

    Jan 20 2014

    How many of you have gone to the dentist and they say to you: It’s time to get some radiographs of your teeth? Most of us don’t give it a…

  • Default Image

    Why should I take my dog or cat to the veterinarian when I can look most things up on the internet?

    Dec 05 2013

    In this information age that we currently live in it is easy to access lots of information about various conditions, diseases, or just questions about ourselves and our four legged…

  • Default Image

    Senior Moment

    Nov 13 2013

    We are very fortunate to live in a time when our dogs and cats can be companions for many years, some even living into their twenties!  That means years of…