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Feb 25 2015

Your Pet’s Care on a 12-Month Budget

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Owning a pet changes your life in so many ways. A bond is formed when the pet is a puppy or kitten then as an adult dog or cat; they bring such joy to you and your family. When they are seniors, you want to slow the clock in order to savor every moment. During this wonderful journey, it is our responsibility as owners to keep track and stay current with their medical needs. Sometimes this can prove to be more costly and confusing then we have planned.

One solution All Creatures Animal Hospital has is to set your loved one up with a Wellness Plan. Our doctors have put together plans that include all the preventative care treatments and procedures to ensure your furry family member stays healthy. Wellness Plans cover examinations, vaccines, lab work, dental cleanings, etc. and divide the costs into twelve even months. This is not to be confused with insurance, which pays a certain amount or percentage back after the initial cost and is based on a list of factors. Imagine being able to plan your pet’s veterinary care into your monthly budget and still plan to buy the gift for yourself.

Another great benefit to having a Wellness Plan is simplifying our busy lives. It can be hard to juggle work, kids activities and our day-to-day chores while checking the calendar to make sure our pets get to the hospital to get the care they deserve. With the Wellness Plans, All Creatures Animal Hospital can help schedule and remind you of each treatment/procedure so you do not have to stress over remembering when things were done or what the next step needs to be. For example, Fifi is a 4 year-old healthy dog who stays out of trouble and has 2 human siblings, comes to the hospital in July for her annual check-up, rabies vaccines and distemper vaccine and during the examination the doctor informs you that Fifi needs a dental cleaning because she is starting to have periodontal disease. One of Fifi’s siblings has a birthday next month and a dental cleaning is not something that was planned for but it is important to get done for Fifi’s health. With the Wellness Plan, you would not have to think twice since you are already making monthly payments that covers the routine dental cleaning. The plans also include additional examinations just in case Fifi has to come in a month later for an ear infection. As an owner you do not have to worry if you could afford it because the examination is covered. Aside from these benefits, the plans cover many other preventative treatments such as flea and tick prevention for the whole year.

Wellness Plans are not for every client, pet or situation but they certainly ease the worry of what your pet needs and how you will be able to budget it. Our doctors and team members are happy to go over your pet’s preventive care needs, then determine if this would be a beneficial option for you and your pet. You can check out our website for more information or call the office any time to speak with a team member.

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